Aden International Airport has resumed its international flights to and from the airport after the end of combat operations in the capital Aden during the past three days. 

The Acting Director of Aden Airport, Abdul-Raqib Al-Omari, told the media that flights from and to Aden airport will resume after a four-day suspension due to military events in Aden. He pointed out that Aden International Airport is opened to air traffic as of Sunday noon and is fully equipped with technical, security and navigational facilities. 

Al-Omari expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the political leadership of the Southern Transitional Council and the leadership of the Arab Coalition, who were keen on protecting Aden International Airport and the need to resume work at the airport to alleviate the suffering of passengers. 

Al-Omari also urged all airport workers and airlines operating in the airport to return to work and to start work immediately. The Acting Director of Aden International Airport also conveyed congratulations to the people, the political leadership and all employees at Aden International Airport on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, wishing them good health. 

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