Ahmed Alhur - Shabwah

What is left for the defenders of the Muslim Brotherhood crimes in Shabwa???

Not 24 hours passed since Yaslim Habtoor, a young resident of Shabwah was detained by the Islahi militia who call themselves government forces, at a checkpoint in Mayfa'a district, until they brought his dead and tortured body, still with his hands tied to be thrown in the refrigerator of Ataq Hospital. 

They detained him for no reason or any crime he committed.

This crime is not the first and will not be the last in light of this shameful and cowardly silence of everyone without exception. Rather, it was preceded by many crimes and various methods by the Islah Militiailitia forces currently occupying Shabwah.

The question remains, will the defenders and supporters of this militias that wreak havoc on the ground and torture and kill innocent civilians, continue to defend them. How can you defend the torture of a person that never did anything to you or harmed you in any way for the sake of a criminal political party, the justifies the killing of Southerners by calling them separatists and infidels.

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