By Ahmed Alhur
Shabwa, South Yemen- Sunday, September 15, 2019

The pace of the work of the governor of Shabwa Province, Muhammad Saleh Ibn Adaiu, who is a member of the Yemeni Islah Party, which is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, has been accelerated to enable members of Islah to hold many positions in ministries and offices in Shabwa Province. In steps that appear to be racing against time to appoint followers and elements of the Islah Party in all departments to anticipate any future political changes so as to ensure the Brotherhood's control of the province in the future

Transforming Shabwah

After the withdrawal of the Shabwani Elite Forces from the capital Ataq and some districts as a result of the barbaric invasion of the province by the forces coming from Marib, the governor used this opportunity to remove all non-members of the Islah Party, especially those who believe in the South Yemen independence project, such as the commander of the forces Ahmed Taleb Al-Marzaki, Political Security Director in the province, Saleh LaMarouk Al-Nasi, and Director of the Health Bureau, Nasser Al-Baasi. They were replaced by members of the Islah Party to serve the project of transforming the province into a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold.

Dozens of people loyal to the Islah party have been appointed to military and civilian positions, and even to 21 jobs were given to for Islah Party members in the office of the Yemen Oil Company, headed by Saleh al-Kadim a member of Islah party.

There has been anger and rejection to the changes being implemented by Bin Adaiu. "We are following the new changes that affected the military and civilian cadres recently in Shabwa province, in an improvised and ill-advised manner," Ahmed Aldaghari said in a post on his Facebook page.

He continued: "We do not object to the people, but we undoubtedly object to the mechanism of changes, especially in these sensitive circumstances, and in this manner, which increases the complexity of the scene in Shabwa".

Rewarding officers 

Faisal Bafiyad, a lieutenant in the 163rd Brigade was appointed as director of financial and administrative affairs in the branch of the oil company in the province as a reward for his active participation in removing the Shabwani Elite forces from the city of Ataq.

It is all about controlling resources

The Islahi Governor of Shabwa went on Aljazeera to accuse the Southern Transitional Council and the United Arab Emirates of obstructing development and turning the facility of  Balhaf into a military barracks. They have been using the media to make these claims to distract from the facts that these forces which were funded and trained to liberate areas controlled by the Houthis in northern Yemen, are now used to control Shabwa resources and to enable the Isah Party to control all departments and sections of the local authority. It also enables them to hold military positions in all army and security camps in Shabwa.

In response to Bin Aidu's Aljazeera interview, Southern politician Saleh Al-Dowail said,
"demonizing the UAE and claiming that it is the instigator and motivator for this, and wailing because they have been exposed that their goal is to control resources and are willing to use terrorism to achieve it. What happened was the result of an organized media, political, and militant campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood to control Shabwa.

The local authority is also trying to attract soldiers and leaders of the Shabwani Elite by throwing money and gifts at them in an attempt to dismantle these forces and facilitate a path back to how Shabwa was before the creation of the elite forces, where crimes and looting were rampant. Dismantling the Shabwani Elite forces also paves path for the political elite to loot and distribute the wealth of Shabwa with each other. 

All these facts unquestionably confirm the lies and emotional tone, which was played by Bin Adaiu about development, and also proved the hollowness of his famous phrase "Our Party Shabwa", which he launched when he became governor. Everything he has done proved that his goal is not to serve Shabwa, but rather to serve the Brotherhood Muslim terrorists.
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