Raad Shayef - Al-Dhalea, South Yemen

A human rights report issued by the Human Rights Department in the Southern Transitional Council in al-Dhalea Province revealed grave human rights violations committed by the Houthi militias in Al-Dhalea against innocent civilians.

The report was prepared by the STC's head of the human rights department in Al-Dhalea, Human Rights Lawyer, Ali Mahmoud Al-Azraqi, which reveals repeated indiscriminate shelling of areas and population centers by Houthi militias with various light, medium and heavy weapons, which resulted in the death, injury, and displacement of hundreds of civilians in addition to the destruction of public and private property.

Al-Azraqi explained that the report includes all the important details, and what was contained in it was documented with names and photos according to official data issued by the joint military operations of the Al-Dhalea fronts, hospital and health clinics statements, and reinforced by field work by the human rights team working in the Human Rights Department.

Children and women victims

According to the report, more than 38 women and children were killed, while more than 136 were injured, the last of which was the death of two children and the injury of 7 others in targeting Alsamoud stadium in the city of Dhale.

The report submitted by human rights lawyer, Ali Mahmoud Al-Azraqi, indicates that the total number of civilian casualties children, women, and elderly persons exceeded 200, not to mention the numbers of detainees and enforced disappearance of children in militia prisons, which are reported to be more than 13 children.

Continuous displacement and destruction

The report indicated that more than (6780) citizens were displaced from their homes, becoming homeless overnight, as well as documented that 32 homes were destroyed, 86 government establishments and 3 major bridges, in addition to 14 water reservoirs were destroyed.

Missiles raining on civilians

Al-Azraqi stated in his report which is well documented with numbers and pictures that 6 ballistic missiles were fired by the Houthis on citizens' homes. More than 18 rockets targeted the city of Al-Dhalea and its suburbs and hundreds of various shells hit the bordering villages.

Death mines

The report stated that more than 3 people were killed and 27 others were injured, in which parts of their bodies were amputated due to the explosion of mines planted by the Houthis before they fled from the areas of Hajar, al-Fakher, Shakhb, Qaflah Shakhb and surrounding villages, during the period of October 8 to November 8, 2019 only.

The human rights observers affirm that the Houthi militias turn to targeting civilians in order to record fake victories to delude their supporters, in a miserable attempt to raise their frustrated morale due to the huge human and material losses that the group is suffering at the hands of the Southern Resistance at the Al-Dhali fronts, starting from Al-Azareq to Hajar and Murais.

The human rights report concluded by calling on local and international organizations working to monitor and document these violations to condemn the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Original report in Arabic.
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