Shabwah / Ahmed Alhur

Vehicles of the Muslim Brotherhood militias (Hadi government forces loyal to the Islah Party) were seen with the banners of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in the Qarn Alsawda area of ​​Habban district in Shabwa Province.

The vehicles of the militias, believed to be carrying terrorist elements from Al-Qaeda has set up a checkpoint in Qarn Alsawda to carry out a campaign of arrests against the youth and resistance of Shabwa. This is not the first time these banners have been seen or the participation of Al-Qaeda fighters with the Islah forces. Al-Qaeda has fought side by side with Yemeni government controlled by the Islah Party against the Houthi rebels and against the southern separatists forces. 

In response to the invasion of Shabwa by Islah forces and their terrorist affiliates, the people of Shabwa and Abyan provinces have been resisting this occupation. Military convoys and checkpoints belonging to the Islah militia are constantly ambushed by the southern resistance in the districts of al-Mahfad in Abyan and in Shabwa province, which resulted in a number of deaths and injuries among the militias, and loss of military equipment.
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