The Southern Transitional Council unveiled new developments that have emerged in the Saudi position towards the south during the Jeddah talks, which is being hosted by Saudi Arabia to discuss the conflict between the STC and the Hadi Government.

Saudi Arabia has shown "great understanding" about the recent events in which the southern armed forces seized Aden and Abyan, securing them and curbing the movements of terrorist elements.

This came during a meeting held by the Presidency of the Council, yesterday, to brief the public on the results of the consultations by the STC delegation to the Jeddah dialogue with officials in Saudi Arabia.

The STC said that Saudi Arabia expressed its readiness to "resolve the situation and to ensure security and stability in the liberated areas, to combat terrorism and extremism in all its forms and to direct all efforts towards confronting the Persian expansion represented by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia."

They also discussed the latest developments in South Yemen, especially the military developments in the northern fronts of al-Dhale and al-Thara north of Abyan, as well as the ongoing violations and continued movement of fighters and military equipment into liberated southern territory perpetrated by the legitimate government and the terrorist groups under their cover.

The STC praised the heroics and determination of the southern forces on the northern fronts of Dhale in repelling all the repeated attacks by Houthi militias desperately trying to reclaim the areas that have been liberated by our southern forces.

In the same context, the meeting condemned the violations committed by the legitimate forces and terrorist groups under their cover, against unarmed citizens in Shabwa, Abyan and Wadi Hadramout, as well as the ongoing mobilization by those forces towards the province of Abyan and the movement of various types of weapons from their strongholds in Marib, Al-Jawf and Al-Bayda to the south, in blatant defiance of the Saudi-UAE joint statement.

The STC also elaborated on the security situation in the capital Aden, praising the efforts of the southern forces in working to restore security and stability to the capital and the rest of the provinces, as well as the vigilance and the sense of security they have shown to prevent any operations that may be initiated by elements outside the law to disturb the public peace and tranquility.

The issue of services in the capital Aden was also discussed, especially the electricity service, praising the efforts exerted by the committee in charge at the STC in providing an emergency fuel shipment to the power stations and stressed the need to work to provide basic services to citizens as a moral and national duty towards our people.

The Hadi Government continues to collect revenue of major South Yemen resources, yet refuses to provide service to southern provinces.
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