Yafa tribal leaders met on Saturday, August 4, to discuss response to the terrorist and Houthi attacks that targeted the Sheikh Othman Police Station and the military parade at Al-Jalaa Military camp in Buraiga Aden on Thursday August 1, which left 50 soldiers dead including the top counter terrorism commander Munir Al-Yafai (Abu Al-Yamamah).

After their meeting they issued a statement condemning the attacks and vowing to take revenge for the blood of their martyrs.


We are fully aware of the circumstances in which the south is going through and the size of the challenges faced by the honorable people of the south. Despite the great pain and sadness that befell our hearts by the martyrdom of our hero Munir Mahmoud al-Yafi Abu al-Yamamah and his comrades and fellow heroes. It has always turned every ordeal into a grant and every fall to rise, and the heroes of the south will increase their resilience and challenge to take revenge for their martyrs and continue to liberate their pure land from the desecration of the Yemeni occupation with its terrorist Houthi militias and takfiri parties.

Thus, the people of the South will not stand idly by and will continue the march and to fight the enemies wherever they are.

Everyone came up with the following decisions:
1 - Everyone pledges to follow the lead of Munir Mahmoud Abu Al-Yamamah and all the martyrs of the South Arabia in achieving the goal for which they sacrificed, namely the liberation of the south and the restoration of its free and independent state and not betraying the blood of martyrs.

2. The leaders agreed not to open consolation councils until revenge was taken to cleanse the land of the South 

3. We hold the Yemeni Legitimate Government fully responsible for this crime because many of its media stations, especially those of the Muslim Brotherhood, are the ones who distort and incite hate against southern leaders, especially the martyr leader Abu Al-Yamamah.

4 - All affirmed that we are with and alongside the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and all the countries of the Arab coalition until the elimination of the Iranian movement in Yemen and the fight against terrorism in all its forms.

5. Everyone affirmed that what happened to the martyr leader Abu Al-Yamamah and his comrades is the beginning of a new revolution inside the South that will not be extinguished until victory and the establishment of the free and independent State of South Arabia over its entire territory.

6 - We appeals to all the people of Yafa and tribes all the South to march to Aden, freedom square arena in Khormaksar  on Monday, August 5, 2019 to demand appropriate action be taken. 

7. The sheikhs, notables of Yafa and their tribes demand that all the tribes of the south close all entry ports between the Yemeni Arab Republic (North Yemen) and the southern State to cut off supplies to al-Houthis and their associates. 

8. Finally, we call on all the people of the south to come together quickly to meet the call of the homeland.

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