Yesterday morning, a meeting was held in Al-Aram area, which included hundreds of sheikhs and social figures in Shabwa, South Yemen to confront the repercussions of the Muslim Brotherhood's invasion of Shabwa Province and the destruction of the Shabwani Elite Forces.
The meeting concluded with a statement condemning the brutal invasion of Shabwa and other southern provinces by the Islah militia.
The statement held the local authorities in the province fully responsible for the events and their consequences and the subsequent threat to social peace.

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
important statement
Issued by the expanded consultative meeting of the people of Shabwa province.
Held on Thursday 12 September 2019.
In Al-Aram district, Habban district, Shabwa Province.
The meeting was attended by a large number of people representing different directorates and regions and various members of the Shabwani tribal, social and political, and a selection of political, military, security and administrative cadres, intellectuals, academics and southern resistance in the province.
At the outset of the meeting, the gathering stood on the overall events witnessed in Shabwa Province recently and the difficult circumstances that it is currently experiencing due to the recent invasion by the Muslim Brotherhood militias (Al-Islah Party army), consisting mainly of takfiri terrorist groups and northern barbaric tribal groups loyal to the Islah Party under the guise of legitimacy. Through these militias, our North Yemeni brothers began to implement their plans, political projects and their own agendas and attempt to impose them by force in order to tighten their full control over the province and to subdue and humiliate its people after controlling its institutions and local authority, and all its resources and capabilities.
This brutal and barbaric incursion was accompanied by many barbaric acts and shameful acts, which are part of the acts of robbery and terrorism, including extrajudicial killings, unknown assassinations, torture, enforced disappearance, threats to activists and opponents, as well as looting, robbery, and attacks on innocent citizens and on private property, and other crimes, some of which could fall under the title of war crimes and crimes against humanity, which are rejected by customs and ancestors and criminalized by all laws.
Accordingly, it was incumbent upon the people of the province of all spectrums and segments of the above-mentioned to stand firmly at the face of all these acts and brutal violations and take a courageous and united position to put an end to the invasion and curtail all the perpetrators and cleanse the province of their abomination.
Accordingly, the participants agreed upon the following points:
1. The participants condemned the barbaric invasion of Shabwa and other southern provinces by the militias affiliated with the Yemeni Government, the Islah Party, with its many terrorist groups and their northern tribal groups and their accompanying acts of war, and crimes against humanity.
  1. We demand the departure of the invaders from Shabwa Province and all the southern areas where they were deployed without delay and without any conditions.
  2. We declare Shabwa Province and all areas of the south where the Islah Party militias have recently been deployed, forcibly occupied areas, and call on all the people of Shabwa and honorable south and the southern resistance in general to strengthen their determination and resolve and join ranks and fight for the liberation of the land and to confront the militias of invasion and to resist the Islah's terrorism projects in all forms and colors.

  1. The participants warn the people of Shabwa and the people of the south in general against joining the militias of aggression or cooperating with them in any way, and stress that everyone who participates with the invaders and falls while in their ranks, represents only himself and that his blood is the blood of the invaders themselves.
  2. The participants hold the local authority in the province represented by the governor and members of the security committee and the military and security leaderships in the province fully responsible for the recent events witnessed in the province and the consequences and the subsequent serious consequences and a threat to peace and community security in the province.

  1. The conferees approved the formation of a committee of judges and lawyers to open a case file against the local authority represented by the governor and the security committee in the province to get prosecuted for their betrayal of their responsibility in maintaining the security and safety of the province and endangering the social peace and for conspiring with forces and militias from outside the province in order to destroy the Shabwani Elite and loot its camps and equipment and for tolerating the crimes committed by the invading militias against public and private rights …… .etc

  1. On behalf of all Shabwani society, the participants express their deep thanks and gratitude to the brothers in the Arab Coalition, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for their sincere efforts in Shabwa and the South in general in all aspects of military, security and development and for helping the south to defeat the Houthi militias and the Persian project.

  1. The meeting calls upon the brothers in the Arab Coalition to intervene in saving Shabwa and protecting it from all Houthis, Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist infiltration and affirm that the whole practices of the legitimate authority serve the Persian and terrorism projects which, if they are to win, will not only affect our country but will extend to our regional neighborhood.
  2. We Appeal to our brothers in the Arab Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to assume their political, moral and humanitarian responsibility towards what is happening in Shabwa and the South in general and work to resolve the issue of the South to meet the aspirations and sacrifices of the people of the South and if the south issue is not solved this only means more wars and fighting .
Issued by the expanded consultative meeting of the sons of Shabwa
Thursday, September 12, 2019
Al-Aram Directorate of Habban Shabwa Governorate.

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