The Security Belt forces in Abyan launched a security crackdown on Tuesday morning to track down wanted members of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Al-Mahfed district.

The campaign comes with the support of the leadership of the Arab Coalition and the Support Brigade of the Security Belt Forces, and under the guidance of the commander of the Security Belt Forces in the province of Abyan, Abdul Latif al-Sayed.

A security source said that the campaign was launched under the command of commander Abdul Aziz al-Shamsi and targeted the valley and several sites after receiving information about the presence of wanted AQAP elements.

The source stressed that the campaign is still going on in the Directorate of  al-Mahfad and the valleys of the Directorate until the elimination of terrorist elements.

Commander Abdul Aziz al-Shamsi said that a force from the security belt and rapid response unit launched this morning a wide-ranging security campaign to chase al-Qaeda elements to their nests in the mountains and valleys of the Directorate of al-Mahfad.

On August 2, AQAP launched an attack on a Security Belt camp in Al-Mahfad taking advantage of the security chaos during the twin attacks that hit Aden on August 1. 19 Security Belt officers were killed during the raid in which AQAP managed to fully control the camp, until Shabwani Elite Forces arrived and recaptured the camp.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Issued by the Media Center of the Department of Moral Guidance of the Security Belt, Abyan Province.

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