Vice President of the Transitional Council Hani Binbrek revealed the identity of the party that carried out the assassination of the leader of the Security Belt Munir al-Yafi Abu al-Yamamah.

Southern Transitional Council Vice President Hani Binbrek said the Islah party had planned for three months to topple Aden. Binbrek said STC had intelligence indicating that Islah was planning to topple Aden and the south, noting that the Southern Transitional council had activated the former PDRY intelligence Service and that the information was available three months ago. He said at the news conference today in Aden that the attacks in Aden and Abyan were the launch of the process to take full control of Aden and the south, but failed. He added that Islah had planned to toppel Aden and the south in which where they would have legitimate control over Taiz and South Yemen, in which then they would have power to start negotiations with the Houthis and make a deal between them.

He also added that right after the attacks Presidential Guard Units moved quickly to try to capture sites during the chaos.

Binbrek accused the Houthis of carrying out the operation but said it was done with cooperation with Islah who are in control of the Yemeni Government.

He added that the investigation is ongoing and current intelligence point to that the missile was launched from areas northwest of Aden.

He pointed out that the scheme was intended to liquidate all leadership of the Security Belt and Transitional Council as well as Arab Coalition leadership in Aden. Binbrek vowed the legitimate government would be expelled from Aden, saying peaceful protests would demand that.
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