Aden's clean-up campaign came to an end today Thursday, after it cleared the main streets of all districts of the capital Aden from rubble and derbies left over by the recent clashes in the city.

The campaign was carried out over a week with the support and supervision of the UAE Red Crescent and monitored by the Aden Hygiene Fund.

The campaign was launched last week in the presence of "Khalil Ahmed Moqbel," Director of Monitoring and Evaluation of Aden Fund Hygiene and included the removal of waste and piles of garbage from the streets in all the districts of the province.

The citizens of Aden appreciated the campaign and and the removal waste which accumulated in the streets over the past weeks of conflict, thanking the UAE Red Crescent and its rapid response to carry out such campaigns from time to time and improving the lives of the people of Aden.

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