By Rawdha Alarabi 
Shabwah- South Yemen 

Residents of Rodhoum district in Shabwa governorate are holding today an extended tribal meeting in the city of Ain Bamabad at the invitation of a number of social figures, sheikhs, notables and activists from the youth ،sons and people of the directorate.  Who said that "the meeting will be devoted to standing up to the actions and arrogance of the Islah militias and the so-called legitimate forces that have increased.

According to a tribal source in Rodhoum, the call for the meeting came after a force consisting of two military and armored personnel groups, at dawn yesterday, raided the Gol Jahmar area in the city of Ain Bamabad, and shooting randomly at the homes of residents of the area, mostly fishermen. Two people were injured, one of whom was described as serious, in addition to disturbing public tranquility and terrorizing women and children in their homes.

The same tribal source said that the force, which raided the homes of citizens in the area of ​​Ain Bamabad, proceeded from a security checkpoint stationed in the Ain crossroad, claiming to search for one of the fishermen from the area, and claiming that his car went through the security checkpoint and did not stop.
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