Nearly two weeks after the UAE fighter jet targeted Islah forces' reinforcements in Aden and Abyan which according to the UAE and local sources included terrorist elements. The Hadi government has not announced the names of those killed, who it said were members of the the Yemeni National Army. 

The legitimate government and the Islah Party media claimed that 300 people were killed and wounded in the raids, but did not disclose the names, which raises many questions, according to observers. 

Since the incident on August 29, media outlets have sought the true toll of the dead and wounded. According to local sources, the leaders of the Islah Party which controls the government of Hadi, transferred the dead and wounded to the hospitals of Ataq Shabwa and Marib, and imposed a strict security and round the clock guards on these hospitals, and prevented the filming of the dead and wounded and refused to provide any information about their identities. 

Information received from inside Marib Hospital and Ataq General Hospital says that 10 bodies arrived at Marib hospital and and 31 arrived at Ataq Hospital. Sources in these two hospitals said that dead and wounded fighters continue to arrive daily under tight security. 

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