ToBe organized a panel discussion on "The situation of Yemeni women in light of armed conflict" in partnership with Peace Track Initiative, the Southern Independent Group and the Haqqi Center for the Promotion of Rights and Freedoms.

The ToBe Foundation for Rights and Freedoms, Peace Track Initiative, the Southern Independent Group and the Haqqi Center for the Support of Rights and Freedoms organized a seminar and panel discussion on the situation of Yemeni women in light of the armed conflict at the United Nations Palace in Geneva on 12 September.  The role played by women human rights defenders in Yemen and the dangers they face especially in the past five years, which is the period of war imposed by the Houthi militia on the Yemeni people, Ms. Lina Al-Hassani, President of ToBe Foundation, spoke about her role and fellow women human rights defenders. She explained how they suffered how the former regime arrested activists in the Southern Movement and subjected them to torture. She also explained how women bear the burden of war and culture restrictions. Ms. Hassani also highlighted the violations against the Baha'i community in Yemen and the determination of the Houthi militia in persecuting the Baha'i community.

The group of human rights activists discussed the need to establishing a lasting peace and the participation of women in public life and political life and the importance of the role of women in decision-making, in which Ms. Rasha Obaid, member of the Peace Track Initiative discussed the role of the initiative and the importance of involving women because they inherently think and plan for peace and construction. Mrs. Obaid expressed the importance of planning  for reconstruction. She also explained the need to rebuild the people who's souls and lives have been detroyed by the armed conflict, and at the same time to rebuild the country and establish schools and institutions with thoughtful and careful plans. 

One of the highlights of the symposium, was about the role of the southern woman in the the peaceful Southern Movement and the peaceful struggle for southern independence cause. Ms. Hind Omairan, a member of the Independent Southern Group. She talked about the struggle and violence, and the many challenges she and other Southern women activists faced to bring the Southern Issue to light. She also discussed the lack of equality and equal participation of women and how women's rights were eroded in South Yemen. 

The event was attended by a large number of journalists and human rights activists interested in Yemen from Europe and Asia, in addition to the Yemeni Arab and human rights organizations.
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