Gunmen besieged and raided the offices of the Public Funds building and the Prosecutions building in Lahj province, South Yemen and threatened to kidnap the female employees.

Witnesses said that gunmen in two pick up trucks, surrounded the building and raided the offices and threatened to kidnap the employees unless prisoners were released from  pretrial police station in Tuban District.

Our sources in Lahj Security said that the gunmen demanded the release of their prisoners who were imprisoned by the Lahj prosecutions department after they attacked and tried to seize public land back in 2007.

The sources also said that a previous assault on the Public Prosecution building took place months ago demanding release of prisoners and the gunmen were captured and imprisoned.

The sources confirmed that the staff of the Public Funds and Prosecutions buildings managed to leave the buildings and the gunmen are still in the surrounding area and local authorities announced the suspension of the prosecution work in Lahj province until the armed gang is detained.
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