After the deterioration of services in their province… Activists from Hadramout launched Twitter hashtag to complain about the legitimate government's neglect and deteriorating security.
The hashtag received great response and activists from various southern provinces highlighted the government's corruption and lack of commitment to pay Hadramout's share of oil sales, tampering with oil revenues to benefit the Islah Party and North Yemeni elites.
Prominent Hadhrami personalities such as Anwar al-Tamimi said in a tweet that the legitimate government resumed the export of oil from Hadramout on July 28, 2016 to export 3 million barrels after a stoppage of one year and three months and continued to export without regard to the most basic rights of Hadramout and without granting the province even a fraction of its right.
In turn, the leader Ahmed Mohamed Ba Moallem said that it became clear the deliberate neglect by the legitimate government towards Hadramout and abuse of its sons.
He also added saying "the Yemeni legitimate government is waging a fierce services war against the people of Hadramout, and staying silent about the repulsive acts of the legitimate government should not continue, and what the legitimate government must realize is that if it is caught in the fire of Hadramout, it will be its eternal end."
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